Shaggy rugs – Let’s Get Familiar With!

Shaggy rugs can spice up any room or space. These rugs also give a space a warm and inviting feel, making you want to step on them barefoot. 

Shag rugs are named for their distinct look, a shaggy, rough pile of an inch or more. These rugs come in a wide range of colors and textures, including fur, cotton, and leather. They are super soft to the touch and go with various decorating styles, including contemporary, industrial, and even glam. Because of their unique style and noodle-like appearance, they are also known as “noodles”. 

These were first popularized in the 1970s and are once again a trending style. Many people prefer a shaggy rug for their living rooms because of its smooth weave, cushioned feel underfoot, and comfortable, informal feel it creates. 

Shaggy rugs can be used as a focal point in a home. They are so durable and easy to maintain, and the comfort they have on your floor is beneficial in the winter months. These are ideal for a comfortable evening in your living room enjoying your favorite movie during these lockdown Netflix sessions. 

Shag Rugs – Types: 

Shaggy rugs are made out of a wide range of fabrics, and they mainly have the following types: 

Berber Shags: 

The word “Berber” refers to a form of manufacturing that originated in North Africa. Their loop pile construction system and patterns set them apart. They can be made of nearly any material and can be made by hand or by machine. When you look at it, it’s easy to mistake it for hair. They’re normally very soft and long-lasting, so they can be a perfect choice for adding comfort and plush textures to your house! 

Flokati Shags: 

This is one of the fluffiest shag rug styles, resembling a sheepdog. They are usually manufactured in Greece, and the rug backing is made entirely of fur. Flokati shag rugs are generally white or cream, but vibrant colors are also available to a more bright hue for extra style. 

Leather Shags: 

Leather shag rugs have a distinct and striking appearance. However, it can be an expensive option due to the delicacy of leather. Since leather is more fragile than other fabrics, you have to be careful about dogs, humans, food, and liquids to guarantee that your shag rug lasts a long time. When you pick a shag rug for your apace, choose a location with little traffic. 

Synthetic Shags: 

Synthetic shag rugs are easier to clean and less costly than other shag rug options, especially wool shag rugs. They also don’t have the same consistency or lifetime. The low cost of synthetic shags gives you the freedom to experiment with different colors and textures more often. It can be a most convenient and affordable option to renovate your home interior more frequently. Synthetic rugs can be hazardous due to their high flammability. Make sure it’s in a secure location. 

Wool Shags: 

Wool is a standard shag rug fiber, and it’s usually made into a “noodle” or “shaggy” wool rug. Wool fibers are twisted into noodle shapes to create a soft, luxurious carpet in a noodle construction. The fibers in a shaggy rug are much more delicate and smoother together than those in a noodle rug, making it easy to handle and disinfect. 

Pros and cons of Shaggy Rug: 

When shopping for the right shag rug for your house, keep the following pros and cons in mind: 


Shaggy rugs are incredibly fluffy and cozy to be the ideal option for warmth and comfort. But you’ll have to vacuum them daily to keep them that way. 

● These rugs are the first choice of interior designers because of their aesthetic appeal. They are stylish and visually pleasing and give the space a spacious feel. An impressive variety of colors and designs make it easy to choose the right one for a particular area. 

● Because of their insulating properties, these rugs are ideal for the winter months.


● Because of how shag rugs are made and the materials they are made of, they can be more expensive.

● Shag rugs are among the most difficult to clean and preserve. You almost certainly need to employ a specialist cleaner for these rugs because stains on shag rugs can be challenging to remove. 

● These rugs are more vulnerable to unraveling and shedding than other styles of carpets due to the way they’re woven. After a while, tiny bits strewn around the room are standard, and pets also like playing around and eating shag rugs.

● Shag rugs are not recommended for allergy sufferers. They appear to collect pollen and debris in all of the loops, causing a home’s air quality to degrade over time. 


Shag rugs are beautiful, but they are inconvenient to have at home in many ways. It’s like seeing a long-haired puppy when you have a shag scarf. These rugs may catch all of the dirt and dust you let in.