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A Homeowner’s Guide: How to Choose a Rug for Any Room

Rugs can sometimes become an afterthought in design, something that is chosen towards the end of a decorating process. However, a rug can pull a room together and give it a finished look, something that you won’t get with bare floors. They can also be functional, as rugs can keep kitchen and bathroom floors clean and can be used to mop up small spills.

Being mindful of complementary styles and colors is important when choosing a rug for a room. Apart from this, you also need to consider several other factors that can spell the difference between a lovely accent piece and a distracting, awkward floor covering.

1. What type of rug suits your needs?

There are different types of rugs made of various materials. There are rugs made out of wool, cotton, jute, bamboo, and all sorts of materials. When choosing a rug, consider what your household is like. Are you a family that loves the outdoors, with house pets and a love for nature? If so, you might want to use nylon-blend or cowhide rugs. These will be resistant to stains and wear from active feet.

Wool, silk, and other soft materials are a good choice for homes that are calmer and are after comfort. Both these types are easy on feet and will not irritate the skin. Wool is great if you want to keep your room looking new; its fibers spring back into place even after being under heavy pieces like tables and armchairs.

2. How is your room divided?

Aside from your lifestyle, you must also consider your room’s dimensions. Area rugs can be used to group furniture in an open plan. A circular rug under a dining table, for example, will distinguish it as a different ‘zone’ from a sofa set just a few feet away. When choosing a rug for your home, measure the space you’re intending to use it in.

If your rug is much larger or smaller than the space it is covering, it will look awkwardly placed. If you really like the pattern or color of one rug, but it is smaller than your space, consider layering it with other similarly-sized rugs of the same color scheme. That way, you create visual interest while keeping your zones separate.

3. What is this room for?

Be practical when choosing a rug. Stone and vinyl, for example, are popular for kitchens and bathrooms because they are waterproof. Using a plush, thick rug for these places might not be the best idea. Water will be absorbed by the rug, which can lead to mold if the rug is not washed and replaced regularly. 

Polypropylene rugs, or ones made of synthetic fabric, can be a good choice for kitchens or bathrooms. They are resistant to water and are not susceptible to mold and staining. You should also look for rugs with a latex backing or an anti-slip underlay. This is to prevent slipping and other accidents.


Finding the best area rug is all about knowing your space well. Once you know the dimensions of the area it becomes easy to narrow down selections based on your lifestyle and room theme. When you are purposeful about finding a rug for your room, you will land on something that you can use for years to come.

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