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How to Buy Rugs Online

Studying rugs in term of pattern

If you are looking to purchase rugs online, it helps to understand some of the basic patterns you will certainly see on offer, so you can know what you are looking for. The medallion-corner, “Hunter-ground” rugs of Tabriz and Isfahan  or “Nested-fish”  pattern of Khoy  are the most subtle weaved and most artistic Iranian carpets, that can decorate your house as a gallant splendid garden.

If you are looking for rugs having rural and tribal patterns, you can choose among these: “human and animal” “flower and hen” “tree”  “tree and human” “camel weaved” from Shiraz, Tabas or Mud.

The Shirazi rugs can offer a very harmonic atmosphere in wooden houses, meanwhile make you experience a warm fancy house.

If you want to decorate your house with simple carpet and have a peaceful ambiance in your house, then you can look for Kerman and ardakan rugs, whose backgrounds resemble a desert with warm and gray and camel-colored nature, as these rugs are weaved in such deserts of Iran. As well, some simple backgrounds of rugs are seen, whose medallion-corner patterns have no excessive design, namely : “Moharramat” and striped pattern.

The geometric designs of “Kheshti” (adobe), “Margin”, “Minakhani” and “paisley” from Isfahan, Kashan, and Arak are known as modern hand-weaved carpets, which introduce a beautiful special effects to your sport decoration and furniture.

Different kinds of handmade carpets in terms of yarn

Before purchasing any rugs online, you want to be sure you know what fabric you are looking for. Our guide will help you be sure to choose the material that is best suited for your home.

Overall woolen rugs: the carpet whose piles and warps and wefts are all made of wool. These kinds of carpets are thick-weaved due to the pile material. Such woolen rugs have some advantages such as durability, resistance, reversibility of piles after being stamped by human legs, high ability to absorb the humidity and etc.

These rugs are heavy and cheaper, meanwhile it’s rare to find a subtle artistic weaved one.

The woolen-warp rugs: a sort of rug whose warp is woolen, but the piles are not. Generally the price of these rugs are cheaper than overall woolen ones, depended on the yarn used in the rug.

Overall silk rugs: a rug whose piles and warps and wefts are all made of silk. These rugs are generally subtle-weaved and have a high artistic value and have a long history as well. While such rugs have subtle soft appearance, they are so much resistant against stains, meaning that if any water, tea or cola was poured on, it’s enough to clean it just by a wet napkin or tissue.

Silky flower rugs:  as clear according to the name, only the flower and leaves on this sort of rug is made of silk yarn, while other parts of the rug are made of wool. Such rugs are cheaper than overall silk rug and silk-base ones, but these are so much valuable artistically.

The silk-base rug: these rugs are constituted of a composition of wool and silk, somehow the warp is made of wool and the background is totally made of silk.

Soof: in this sort of rug, only the flower and bush have piles, and the background is covered by both thin and thick wefts.

An instruction for choosing carpet in decoration design

Weaving: you shouldn’t use light, subtle, nondurable, silky, old and antique carpets in hallroom, lunchroom or kids’ bedroom; the best place for such carpets is dining room, bedroom, library and generally less traffic rooms.

Size: the size of the carpets in lunchroom should be as big as the chair legs around the table be right on the carpet; therefore the carpet dimension should be 60 cm to 70 cm longer and wider than the dimension of the table.

In the dining room, you should choose the carpets in front of canapé and coach,  somehow  it covers all determined area, and having furniture legs on the carpet as well.

It’s preferable not to cover all area among canapés and coaches by a pair of carpet; since it has undesirable and unfavorable impact on the beauty of the room.

Instead of using a big carpet, whose some parts are covered unintentionally by beds, it’s better to use some small rugs of light colors.

Design: the design plays an important role in choosing carpet for determined places.

Generally speaking, it’s better to use designs having “flower” beside wooden furniture and to use geometric designs in the houses decorated by steel furniture.

In the apartments and buildings in which there are modern furniture, the carpets having geometric and broken-branch designs, would have more effect and beauty. The medallion carpets are mainly used in dining room and where such designs are better displayed.

The rugs with overall flower designs have a better appearance and view in lunchroom, dining room, hall room, and the library.

Size (different type of handmade carpets based on dimension)

Rug: the rugs are divided into 4 groups: small, medium, big and veybig, and their dimension ranges from 3*2m to 6*4m or even more.

Qaliche: this sort of rug generally has an area of less than 4m. (Dimension: 1.5*2.5m and 1.5*2.20) and if it is a sublte-weaved, it’s called curtain-like. The 3m ones are called “Sajjadeh” or “Dozar’i” and have dimensions of 2.20*1.40m.

Kalagi: this sort has less width but the length is longer than rug, however, this size never exceed 4m.

Runner: this sort of rug are used to cover the peripheral sides of  rugs that are not completely covered. Of course, since these are weaved in 30 to 170 cm width and  3 to 10m length, such rugs are also used in aisles and stairs.

Other types of rugs of different dimensions include: “Zar’onim” “Zar’ocharak”, “Poshti” (whose base area is about 1m and dimensions include 60*90cm) mat (small dimensions, used for staircase)

Some instruction to choose a carpet

The first point is when to purchase a carpet. If you intend to change the decoration or even change the house, the first thing you need to consider is the carpet. Buy the carpet you desire, according to the house space and the rooms, subsequently according to the furniture you use. This facilitate the decoration design. In this case, you can determined your house style in advance, even you can add other elements to your house according to the carpet you buy.

Nowadays, carpets involve a wide variety of design, so you should decide what kind of decoration you have in mind before buying a carpet. Choosing a carpet for the house is done according to the decoration style.

If you like modern ambiance, then choose a modern carpet. These carpets have simpler designs compared to the classic ones.

If you desire a classic or complex atmosphere, then you can use traditional designed carpets .these carpets usually have minute complicated patterns, inspiring a warm and favorable feeling to the atmosphere.

Compared to modern carpets,  you can see more color used in classic ones.

You can integrate the classic carpet with a modern furniture by a smart design,  subsequently you can make a distinct balance ambiance.

In order to choose the carpet design, you need to consider the room space. The carpets with crowded small patterns are not relevant for small rooms. Such pattern shows the room as a crowded small place.

If you have a flamboyant furniture, you should choose a simpler carpet, because the integration of a pair of detailed patterns, would tire your eye.

When you want to choose the color of the carpet, you have to consider some tips.

The first important factor to choose a color, is the room size.

Bright or neutral-color carpets suit small rooms, such as gray, white , etc.

If the room is big, you can choose a carpet of warm colors. The warm color ones fit the dining room and the kitchen, since it introduces a vivacity to the ambiance.

Different designs of Iranian rugs

Medallion-corner design: the corner design is usually a triangle pattern in the corner of the carpet. The medallion is the inseparable pattern that is like a circle or an oval, locating in the center of the carpet as a medal, and is constituted of several lines and patterns.

Brick design (kheshti): another beautiful design of Iranian carpets is brick one that attract so much interest in other countries as well. In this design, you can see some beautiful rectangles  locating nearby each other whether in order or not.

The brick design is so much rich in term of the colors and patterns, somehow each brick has a distinct pattern and color but relevant to other bricks.

Overall flower design: this design contains some random flower and bushes overall the carpet, and usually weaved without any medallion-corner.

The pattern of these flowers and bushes is somehow it seems that they are attached and impossible to trace the first and the end, and this increases the beauty of this carpet.

It’s better to use light or neutral colors in bedroom, colors that make a peaceful atmosphere, such as white and green.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of floorings, but the carpets slip on them . In order to have a nice decoration design, there is no need to expensive flooring, instead you can use moquette, which is a simple solution to prevent the carpets slip on moquette.

The moquette has various kinds and colors which you can set them with the color of your carpe. Another advantage of moquette is that once locating under the carpet and increasing the thickness, it would soften the floor and even make it warmer.

Another way is to use a big hemp carpet. Try to cover the floor by a big hemp carpet that has a neutral color like beige, and put a small rug full of designs.

Whatever the flooring material is, namely moquette, ceramics, wood or anything else, you can make a nice and gallant design by considering a color composition with the carpet color.

Locating a light-color rug on a dark-color flooring or vice versa, you can make a fantastic contrast.

Choosing the carpet size is of a great importance. A common mistake done in decoration design is to put a small rug between the coaches and canapés. This would diminish the room discipline.

Choose a carpet whose size exceed at least the frontal legs of your furniture, somehow when you sit on a coach your feet touch the carpet.

You should choose a bedroom carpet as big as some parts of the carpet would locate under your bed. It’s better to step on a carpet after waking up, than stepping on a hard floor.

Never be afraid of the gap between the carpet and the wall. This would display your room larger.

The carpet under the lunch table  should be as big as it could cover all table and around chair legs, meanwhile when one pull back the chair, all chair legs should be located right on the carpet.

Using several rugs for the rooms is not a common phenomenon. Nevertheless, you can reflect about such a choice, while this should be done exactly and innovatively.

Pick up some small rugs with appropriate colors and patterns, then put them in the different parts of the room. This would be proper for large dining rooms. It’s easier to relocate and wash the small rugs.

In case you have a kid or a pet, it’s more probable to have your carpets dirty. Therefore, it’s better to choose carpets that are easier to replace and to cleanse.

Using Kilim and Gabbeh

Weaving Kilim in Iran has a long history especially among tribes. Kilims are usually weaved of woolen yarns and natural dyes. The patterns on the Kilim are totally different from carpet, actually it is simpler. In the past, kilim was used as a mat, decorative thing on the wall or even as a saddle, but nowadays, such crafts are well prevalent in modern houses. Gabbeh is another handmade mat that has more wefts and longer piles, and this causes more softness

Kilims and Gabbehs have very beautiful colors and designs, bestowing a beauty and relief sense to the ambiance. You can use them in some parties and sessions instead of carpet, for instance in case you have a small dining room filled with a modern furniture and light colors, using a handmade kilim would simply make the ambiance warmer and lively.

You can use smaller Kilims and Gabbehs in bedroom as well. Integration of traditional handmade designs with modern furniture and decoration would promote the beauty of the house.

Todays, the families pay more attention to the decoration and the carpet of their children’s bedroom. Thereby, several fantasy designs are offered for children’s bedroom. But while choosing a carpet for your kid’s bedroom, you should consider some more things other than color and design.

Pick a carpet for your children’s room, that would produce less piles. The piles that carpets distribute in the air, may cause allergy to your kids and may injure their respiratory system.

Choose a carpet which never limit your kid’s movement. Children are always looking for discovering new things and curiosity, leading to find out many new tasks.  Low-weight rugs, which are washed easily, would assure you about cleaning the stains.

The fantasy colors and designs may be so much seductive, while if your kid plays and sleeps in a same room, it’s better to choose a carpet, having simpler designs, in order to avoid any disturbance to your child.

The conclusion of the instructions for choosing a carpet

1- There is no limit to place your carpet anywhere you will, such as aisles and stairs.

2- There is a wide variety of Iranian carpets, that it would cover all tastes.

3- Choose the carpet before choosing other furniture.

4- Get information about material and features of the carpet before purchase.

5- It’s better to pay more for the carpet, than to change it for the shape and the color.

6- Choose the carpet according to decoration you desire.

7- You can make a composition of classic carpets and other modern elements.

8- Best color to set the carpet with other furniture is the neutral ones.

9- The cream color carpets make a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

10 – Warm and lively colors are proper for kitchen and dining room, while the best color for the bedrooms, is bright and mild ones such as green or beige.

11- The carpet color should suit the flooring of the rooms.

12- The carpet should not be too much big or too much small.

13- The frontal legs of the table should be located right on the carpet.

14- You use some small rugs instead of a large carpet.

15- Kilim and Gabbeh is an appropriate alternative for carpet in rooms.

16- The carpets you choose for kid’s room should be low-weight and resistant to frequent cleaning. 

17- Try to use the carpets that produce less piles in a kid’s room.

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