Different Rug Types – Are They Worth the Investment?

Some people feel that investing in expensive rugs is senseless because people will only walk on them. Some prefer an artistic rug because it transforms the space and environment. The impact they have visually and on touching with hands or feet is amazing. For example, the Oriental rugs are hand-knotted and add genuine elegance to space. For centuries Oriental rugs have been cherished because of their durability and high-quality character. It is an investment that accrues value over time. It has passed from one generation to another, thus holding sentimental value. 

Oriental rug never goes out of style and if cared for properly the age of the rug reaches 50 to70 years, this qualifying the antique status. If you decide to sell antique rugs have remarkable bargaining power. On Rug Source you will find a variety of rugs like oriental, modern, Persian, floor rugs, area rugs, and antique. For more than a decade the online store has been offering budget-friendly, aesthetic rugs to businesses, homeowners, and designers around North Carolina. 

Persian rug makes a grand statement when installed at the entrance. They are heirloom pieces that can pass from one generation to the next and so on. They are hand-knotted and durable art pieces whose value increases over time. You will not find the same piece because each piece is a genuine artwork with distinguishing features. Their dense fiber offers warmth to your feet as well as traps sound vibrations from echoing off the hard floors and walls. 

Turkish rug has a double knot technique, while Persian rugs have a single knot. The majority of Turkish rugs have sharp, geometric designs full of meaningful and tribal motifs. Motifs include animals, trees, and rivers. You will even see ‘Tamga’ a symbolic sign associated with the old ‘Tengriism religion. Turkish rugs offer the space a cool, alive, natural, and bohemian look. Handmade rugs are expensive as it takes more than one year to weave a single carpet. The versatility in color, design, and function is what makes the Turkish rugs so special.

Moroccan rugs or Berber rugs are visually vibrant, aesthetically pleasing, and rich in symbolism. The rugs are designed by indigenous people and each conveys a unique story. Moroccan rug is versatile and is available in thin and thick piles. They are soft and offer a feeling of luxury. 

Moroccan rug is an investment and its price depend on materials used, knot density, production time, dyeing process, and artistic value. The value of machine-made rugs depreciates, while handmade rugs value is retained and as soon as the rug reaches 100 years, it is categorized as vintage. In another 70 to 90 years it progresses towards becoming collectible rugs.

Modern rugs are available in attractive color schemes, designs, and durable just like traditional ones. Currently, there is a modern rug suitable for each kind of buyer’s personality and taste. You can look for abstract rug ranging from zigzag lines to polka dots to abstract shapes. Luxury rugs are costly, but the designs are worth the investment.