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Distressed Rugs: What Is It and When to Use It

You’re on this page because you’re thinking of including a distressed or vintage rug to your collection or interior design. In this article, we give you everything you need to know about distressed rugs and how to style them.

What is a distressed rug?

Distressed rugs are also known as the overdyed vintage rugs. They can be real vintage or created to look age-old. 

Just like the distressed pants, these rugs have character and seem like they have a rich history. They are textiles that look faded, used, or worn for a long period of time with some designs peeking through. They eventually will look soft, artistic, and classic to the eyes.

Turkey gave birth to this rug style. In case you don’t know, Turkey is one of the best vintage rug sources around the world. They repurpose and reuse textiles that create the unique, aesthetic looks. 

There are various ways to create a distressed rug. One method is by laying them out in the sun to achieve the mellow colors naturally.

Why choose a vintage rug?

Vintage items are always on trend because of their timeless look. Nowadays, vintage is called the “new” look again. Moreover, using a vintage rug is a sustainable way of buying things. 

Vintage rugs or any other rugs are designed to last long. Using one helps preserve traditional items and designs for the future generation. Most importantly, they are an affordable option.

When is it best to use?

Distressed rugs add vibrancy and the timeless touch of class to any interior design. There are bold styles, but there are also distressed rugs with pastel, pale, or neutral colors, and muted design. 

It is a piece designed to achieve a vintage look, but what’s also great is how flexible this design can be. You can mix and match it to achieve a certain aesthetic you aim for.

  • In an all-white room – Distressed rugs, because of its peek of color, can be a great centerpiece in an all-white room. It is a good blend because distressed rugs often have faded colors. 
  • In an open-space – Distressed rugs can also be placed in an open space. They give that inviting touch to the wide area. 
  • In a farmhouse – A distressed rug is the perfect rug style for a farmhouse. It adds coziness to the overall relaxed mood of your house.
  • In contemporary or modern designs – Try using distressed rugs within the same palette as your room’s. Adding a vintage design in a modern or contemporary look will add subtle contrast. Using the correct color will also highlight the palette and style of your room.
  • In a monochromatic room – A distressed rug will blend well in a room with a pale or neutral color. Choose the correct rug pattern to complement your room’s style. The distressed rug’s pattern and its touch of color are great enhancements to your room’s simple look. 
  • In eclectic designs – Distressed rug in itself can be eclectic designs. It’s a great piece to add in a multi-faceted room. 


A distressed rug can be a quality and flexible piece of investment in your homes or offices. Get one now and upgrade the look of your space.

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