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Distressed Rugs: The Hottest Trend on the Market

Since we are all spending our time indoors now, many are putting more effort into redecorating our homes. Whether you choose a distressed rug because you want the perfect rug to accompany your home decor, or you need a change from cold and bare floors, let us introduce you to the latest trend that completely changes the look and feel of a room, better known as a distressed rug.

Why Choose a Distressed Rug?

While living room rugs are commonplace, distressed rugs are trendy and fashionable right now. They give every room such a cozy, lived-in, yet elevated look. In addition to being beautiful, they are handmade, sustainable, and affordable, making them a must-have for every home in every season.

Recently, with the advent of environmentalism and sustainability, there is a push towards reusing and upcycling what we already have, especially in the home décor and interior design spaces. Designers have found that consumers value artisanal craftsmanship but are hesitant about spending money or sending their discarded goods to landfills. This is where distressed rugs tend to shine because they are usually antique rugs that are overdyed, thinned out, dried, and used – instead of being thrown out.

How Are Distressed Rugs Made?

The process of creating a distressed carpet begins with taking Persian rugs or a Turkish rug and shearing it to thin out the pile. This reduces the carpet’s thickness and allows it to absorb more color, which becomes muted by the end of the process. The wool rug is then washed and bleached to strip it of any scents, blemishes, and coloring, giving the rug artist an expansive canvas. 

Sometimes these large rugs are also laid out to be bleached by the sun or sanded down for that distressed and faded look. Specific parts of the rug are then dyed multiple times with one color until the right shade and intensity are achieved. 

The rug will then be washed and dried to set the color. It will usually have unique shades because of the various indented surfaces it has been laid on during the process of distressing while still maintaining its original geometric pattern.

Distressed Rugs

Manufactured Rugs Are Not the Same

These rugs have become so popular that even “distressed-looking” rugs are manufactured in excess quantities. Manufacturers will create soft-colored rugs to try to duplicate what a vintage rug would look like post-distressing. However, these cheap rugs are not the same quality as handmade rugs.

Additionally, a machine-made rug is a poor substitute for vintage rugs because the latter is a vault that contains rich stories and memories – holding many days and many families’ worth of joys and sorrows, adding warmth to our living spaces.

Distressed Rugs are the Perfect Home Addition

Distressed rugs are very versatile. They can be used as a bedroom’s focal point, pulling the living room together or add comfort to an office space while maintaining a subtle, natural, and ageless vibe. Their affordability is only unmatched by their availability, as you can find them at any online or in-person store that sells home décor.

So, while you’re pondering whether to refresh your home, consider investing in a distressed rug as a statement piece. It will be chic, sustainable, affordable, strike all the right notes of self-expression you’re looking for, and remain ageless.

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