7 Tips When Shopping For Runner Rugs

Runner rugs are important home décor elements that you should always get perfectly right, so here are some expert tips from the Rug Source team!

7 Tips When Shopping For Runner Rugs

The hallways in our homes are generally known for receiving a pretty good amount of foot traffic, and this is partly why a lot of people are sometimes unsure about placing runner rugs within these high-traffic residential areas.

Of course there are plenty of reasons why you should consider getting runner rugs in your hallways, kitchen area, bathrooms and many other areas throughout your home; and on this page we’ll be providing a guide that entails 7 tips from the Rug Source experts to help you make the most out of these home décor purchases.

Your runner rugs will always go a very long way when it comes to providing specific rooms with a lasting first impression, and these types of rugs also do wonders when it comes to protecting your flooring.

So here are our 7 tips that you should keep in mind while shopping for runner rugs!

1. Be Sure To Intricately Measure Your Desired Spaces

Although a lot of people come to our showroom in Charlotte, we fully understand how the rug shopping experience has been shifting online for countless homeowners.

This is of course perfectly fine if you have a good understanding as to what you’d like and what your specific space requires, which means that you’re always going to need to make sure that you’re carefully measuring out the length/width of your hallway or desired spaces for your new runner rugs.

Runner rugs come in all different sizes that you’ll be able to see within each product description on our site, but from a shopper’s perspective it’s important to understand the exact parameters that would fit best. After all, it’s never a good look to have a runner rug that simply looks too big for your home!

And by making sure you know your specific runner rug parameters, you can also more efficiently narrow down your search throughout our vast online inventory towards your very best options!

2. Picking A Rug Style That Matches Your Home’s Existing Décor

Runner rugs tend to be placed within rather practical areas throughout a home, which typically correlates to high-traffic areas. This subsequently means that you and your guests are going to rather easily see your runner rugs within the broader landscape of your home’s décor, so you should be making sure that your runner rugs match the rest of your home from an interior design standpoint.

There are many instances in which runner rugs are placed within a home’s foyer area, and in this situation your rugs will be somewhat like a book cover to the rest of your home’s design template. Your runner rugs should say a lot about your unique insights and personal preferences, and every runner rug should have a warmth to it that makes guests feel welcome.

So understanding what style would work best within your home is always a major factor to keep in mind while shopping for runner rugs, and some styles to keep in mind include:

3. Make Sure Your Runner Rugs Are Made Of Durable Materials

Another very important factor for runner rug shopping is making sure that you’re getting the right rug material to match your specific needs, and below are three of the most common materials for runner rugs:

  • Wool: Wool is flame-resistant, very durable and also soft. Wool can always stand up to high-traffic residential areas, and wool runner rugs just so happen to be very classy décor touches to any foyer or hallway.
  • Polypropylene: Polypropylene runner rugs are very soft, and are great for many homeowners because they’re stain-resistant. It’s also very durable like wool, so it’s a good option for high-traffic areas. Although some cheaper forms of polypropylene won’t last as long as wool rugs, there are heat-set options that are much more durable.
  • Jute/Sisal: Sisal and jute just so happen to be very fine rug fibers that are great for outdoor spaces, as well as indoor high-traffic residential spaces. They provide a really wonderful, rugged aesthetic to a room that people tend to really enjoy; and they also just so happen to be very durable.

4. Choose A Rug Pattern That Coincides With Your Home’s Ambience

You’ll of course have countless pattern options to choose from throughout our vast online inventory of runner rugs, but one consideration you should keep in mind regarding your rug’s pattern is making sure it provides an enhancement to your space.

Because you’ll have so many options, it’ll of course be a little difficult to narrow down your best choices. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Modern home aesthetics go well with geometric rugs
  • Striped runner rugs provide an extended appearance to narrow spaces
  • Vintage décor goes well with floral patterns
  • Oriental rugs are always a very classic, traditional approach that works well with just about everything
  • Solid colors provide a simplistic ambience that sometimes is exactly what modern spaces need

5. Pile Thickness

There are only certain scenarios in which a high-pile runner rug will work well, and this typically is in bedrooms and bathrooms. Shag runner rugs just so happen to be a really great addition to low-traffic areas like bedrooms, but knotted flatweave rugs are a more ubiquitous runner option that will work well due to its low pile.

Low pile rugs tend to be more stain-resistant and durable, which are great for kitchens and other high-traffic, narrow areas throughout your home!

6. Choosing Color

Every rug shopping decision is going to have to take color into serious consideration, and our color tip is to make sure that your runner rug aesthetics blend well within your home’s entire décor.

There are many instances in which you can utilize a vibrant runner rug to brighten up neutral walls, and bright colors tend to enliven foyer areas for guests as they enter your home.

Of course there are many instances in which someone would like a more subtle look for their runner rug, so if this is the case for you then you should consider closely matching your floor’s color.

7. Always Get A Rug Pad

The last tip we’re going to provide within this list is buying rug pads for your new runner rugs, and this is especially important if you have pets or kids. You’re going to want to make sure that your runner rugs are as safe as possible, and a rug pad will always go a long way in terms of preventing any skidding and potential injuries.

Rug pads also are useful because they help extend the overall longevity of runner rugs, and they’ll protect your flooring from any potential damages as well.

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