Runner Rugs: The First Thing Your Guest Will See

Walking in the door and immediately getting dirt or mud on your clean floor is a major bummer.

So why not make sure that you’re always prepared? With runner rugs, you can ensure that your guests are greeted with style when they come into your home – and not covering themselves or your home in grime! If you’re ready to make an incredible investment for your home, there’s no better time than now to find the perfect runner rug for your space!

What Is A Runner Rug?

A runner rug is typically a long, thin carpet that allows people to wipe off their shoes before entering the premises. They can also be used inside your house, in the foyer, or dining room. They can even be an accent piece in your entryway. Runners come in many types of fabrics, including jute, wool, and cotton. In addition, you can find runner rugs in a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors.

Why Runner Rugs Are a Great Investment For Your Home

You can use runner rugs inside of your home or at the front door to make a statement. Runner rugs will add color and texture to your space if you decide to use them as an accent piece.

As for dining rooms and entryways, they help protect your hardwood floors from damaging marks and scratches that tend to accumulate from wear and tear.  Finally, when speaking about runner rugs and the place they should be in, you typically want to put your runner rug in a space that gets a lot of traffic or is very visible. This will make it accessible for all those guests entering through the door!

How to Choose The Best Runner Rug For Your Space

Runner rugs can be used just about anywhere in your home. To help you make an informed decision on where to place your runner rug, here are some tips:

  • Foyer: Runner rugs at the door offer a stylish way to wipe off shoes and dirt from walking outside before entering the premises of your home. Foyers are very visible spaces, so runner rugs make a great addition to your home’s décor while also adding protection for your hardwood floors!
  • Dining Rooms: Runner rugs give a polished and refined look. If you want to put your runner rug in a dining room, you’ll typically place them along the length of your table to add a different texture and color to an otherwise neutral space.
  • Entryway or Hallway: If you’re looking to transform your hallway into more than just a pathway from one place to another, runner rugs can be the perfect addition. You can use runner rugs along the length of your hall or at the doorway to add a pop of color, style, and texture to any space!

Where To Find Your Perfect Runner Rug

As you can see, runner rugs are a great way to enhance the look and feel of any space. You will find that at Rug Source, we have runners in all shapes and sizes for every room in your home – from entryways to living rooms! Have questions about our inventory? Give us a call or contact us through email so one of our rug experts can help you out today!