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How to Choose The Right Rug

Choosing a rug for your room should be a fun activity. However, there’s a lot to think about, and you might become overwhelmed when you see the many options available. To ensure you select the right rug for your space and taste, read on. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide!

Think about how many rugs you need.

Feel free to think outside the box! Some people combine rugs of different textures to create unusual visual effects. Others even layer their rugs. You might also have a combined living and dining space and decide you need a rug for each part.

Choose the size and shape. 

First of all, think practically. Measure the space you want to place your rug in to ensure that it will fit. Then, think about appearance. A rug that’s too small could look ridiculous in the room. However, if it’s too large, it will seem more like wall-to-wall carpeting than a rug.

Remember, rugs come in a range of shapes beyond a rectangle. This round rug, for example, would look great under a round dining table. It could also be an interesting statement piece in the middle of a living room.

Pick the right material. 

Choosing a rug isn’t just about finding the one that you think looks nicest. A quality rug is an investment, and you want one that you can realistically maintain. Otherwise, it won’t look its best for very long!

Are you prepared to maintain a pile rug? It would certainly make a gorgeous addition to a living space, but you will have to pay for regular professional cleaning to preserve it.

For a low maintenance option, consider a Kilim rug instead. They don’t shed and can be cleaned relatively easily. Rugs like this natural dye wool rug also trap fewer allergens than a traditional pile rug. 

Decide on a design. 

Whether you choose a plain color or a patterned rug will really depend on the space it will be placed in. Do you want your rug to blend in with your current theme? Or will it be a statement piece that should attract attention when people enter the room?

Bold designs like the one featured on this vintage wool Mershkin Persian rug are definitely high-impact!

Most people choose to coordinate their rug with its surroundings, but you could always go the unconventional route and use a rug to create a striking contrast with the rest of the space.

Consider your budget.  

Some kinds of rug are generally more expensive than others. For example, hand-knotted rugs tend to cost more than Kilim ones because they take longer to craft by hand.

Don’t worry if you can’t afford to spend a fortune on your rug. If you go to the right store, you should be able to find something beautiful that suits your needs, regardless of your budget.

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