What is an Oushak Rug?

What is an Oushak Rug?

Oushak rugs, also known as Uşak or Ushak rugs, are Turkish rugs whose name stems from the city of Uşak, Turkey.


Oushak rugs are revered for their silky wool texture. They make up some of the finest of the Oriental rugs.They come in a variety of colors, including reddish browns, cinnamons, cream and ivory, blues, grays, and others. There are many patterns used in their construction, but there is typically an outer rectangular border with a repeated pattern surrounding an interior with a more elaborate design. You may see abstract shapes, medallions, stars, vines, and floral patterns, among others.


Back in the days of the Ottoman Empire, Uşak was known for its high production of rugs. It was one of the largest towns in Western Anatolia, and so rugs from this area are sometimes called Anatolian Rugs, though that is a less specific term.

Hand Knotted vs Machine Made

Many retailers offer machine made Oushak rugs due to the significantly lower prices. However, these aren’t true Oushak rugs, but merely reproductions. The vast majority of our Oushak rugs are knotted by hand in the true Oushak tradition. Of course, the cost of these premium rugs is a bit higher, but the unique designs and exquisite craftsmanship make these rugs a true investment. Plus, through the purchase of hand-knotted rugs, you support the craftsmanship of local artisans who have passed down rug making techniques over the centuries.

What makes Oushak rugs unique?

In addition to their location of origin, Ourshak rugs are typically woven using the Ghiordes knot or the Turkish knot, which brings both tuft ends to the surface together between two warp yarns. Oushak rugs use very high quality wool, allowing for relatively loose knots and long piles. Look for the centralstar pattern, or medallion – a very common feature of Oushak rugs.

Why purchase from Rug Source?

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