6 Trends With Modern Rugs

Modern rugs are continuously trending in style, so here are some industry trends you should know about!

6 trends with modern rugs

There are always several new interior design trends that come out each and every year, and this also holds true throughout the rug industry as a decorative item within many important household rooms like living, dining, and bedrooms.

In this article, we’re going to go over six of the latest industry trends oriented around modern rugs, and we’re confident that this list will help you stay up on the latest interior design trends that are permeating all throughout the world!

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1. Natural Fibers

Natural fibers like silk and wool have always been a staple within the rug world’s trends, but there are also countless recent designs that are going to another level when it comes to providing a more natural feel.

This includes rugs that are completely undyed or lightly dyed that are entirely comprised of eco-friendly fabrics, which can include materials like sisal and jute.  These eco-friendly rugs are increasing tremendously in popularity, and this is partly because these fibers are very soft and luxurious.

There’s no denying the high-quality traits of fibers like silk and wool, but it’s important for rug shoppers to know that there are more options that are great when it comes to providing a very cozy environment that we all love with our flooring options!

2. Layering

Layering refers to placing a rug on top of another rug or a carpet, and this trend is undoubtedly growing in 2020. Although some people consider this trend to be somewhat old-fashioned, many designers are using this technique to more clearly distinguish particular portions within a room.

This is also great for larger rooms and other types of open-concept residential areas, because layering provides some added depth from a visual perspective. Sometimes homeowners will put a bold-colored area rug on top of a subtler carpet/rug to provide contrast, and sometimes two bold patterns added together can simply provide an incredibly eye-catching aesthetic!

3. Patterned Area Rugs

We all know how area rugs are a crucial part of interior design, and these days many professional decorators and homeowners are choosing to utilize warmer colors that insinuate a more inviting tonality.

This trend towards warmer colors has also subsequently lead to the rise in patterned area rugs, including the ever-popular demand in handmade Oriental rugs. People all over the United States and even the world have an incredible appreciation for the overall complexity and beauty involved with complex patterned rugs, and this makes these rugs very sought-after.

Another recent trend is the mixing of certain patterns, and although this is sometimes considered to be rather risky in the design world there are countless experts who know how to make these risks pay off!

4. Hand-Woven Rugs

All types of handmade rugs are typically pricier simply because they take so much time and effort to create, and the demand for these works of art is always high due to the relatively low supply in production. The overall prevalence of machine-made rugs has also helped increase the overall demand for the real deal, handmade alternatives.

Artisans all throughout the world are continuing to innovate their own techniques, while simultaneously staying true to the rug-making skills that have been passed down for hundreds of years. This history is part of what has been driving the industry trend towards hand-woven rugs, because rug aficionados truly love learning where/how a rug was created and more importantly why within a certain aesthetic.

5. Neutral Hues

Neutral hues are gaining a lot of traction when it comes to rug industry trends, and this is partly because neutral hues do a great job at creating a welcoming ambience.

This aesthetic trend also includes more earthy tones, which is also gaining traction with wall decoration as well. Many times people will utilize an earthy, neutral area rug and complement it with some splashes of color throughout the rest of the room to create a contrasting, added visual appeal.

6. Dhurrie Rugs

This South Asian rug style is growing tremendously in terms of interior design trends, and these rugs are typically made of silk, cotton, jute and wool.

Usually these rugs are very colorful and have bold, geometric designs that are almost always extremely intricate. Dhurrie rugs are a type of flat-woven rug that have little to no pile, which makes them great within the right spaces.

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