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What Makes a Rug Contemporary?

When you start shopping for a rug, you’ll undoubtedly notice that certain terms come up again and again. “Oriental,” for instance. “Transitional” may be another. You’ll definitely encounter some contemporary rugs as you search! But what do these categories really mean?

Here, the Rug Source experts explain what makes a rug “contemporary,” and how contemporary rugs differ from Oriental and transitional equivalents.

Choosing the Right Style of Rug for You

Knowing what kind of rug you’re looking for will be very helpful when facing the countless options available in the Rug Source collection.

If you favor a more traditional aesthetic, for example, you may find yourself drawn to the history and craftsmanship of Oriental rugs. People pursuing a bold, modern look will probably prefer contemporary styles.

Contemporary Rugs

When you hear the word “contemporary” you might think of something vibrant and angular. However, there’s no fixed style for a contemporary rug.

Unlike Oriental rugs which have rules to follow, contemporary rugs represent a break from the confines of tradition. They are generally more Western in design, but they could incorporate all kinds of colors and motifs.

You might find abstract elements or geometric forms in a contemporary rug. For an eye-catching piece that’s almost like a work of art, check out the contemporary section of our online rug store.

Traditional Rugs

The opposite of a contemporary rug is a traditional one. Traditional rugs are usually either Oriental or Persian, although they may also be in the traditional European style.

The designs of these rugs go back in history for centuries, and unlike contemporary rugs which could skew minimalist, they usually feature very intricate patterns. Expect to see floral designs, borders, and geometric shapes.

Because natural dyes are used as part of ancient rug-making practice, an earthy color scheme is associated with traditional rugs. This differs from contemporary rugs which could include all kinds of shades and intensities.

What makes authentic traditional rugs more expensive than their contemporary equivalents is the painstaking manufacturing process. Creating an Oriental rug, for example, requires hours and hours of knotting by hand, and this labor is usually reflected in the price.

Transitional Rugs

Now you’re familiar with edgy contemporary rugs and elegant traditional styles. What about something in between the two extremes?

Transitional rugs are considered to be a more casual style that incorporates elements of both modern and old-school rug-making practice.

They often provide new perspectives on traditional rugs, featuring the same design but adding an unusual color, for example. 

People like transitional rugs because they use classic references in a fresh new way.

Buying a Contemporary Rug at Rug Source

No matter the size of your living space, your budget, or your aesthetic preferences, you’re bound to find a suitable rug at Rug Source.

We are reputable rug vendors with an extensive and diverse collection of rugs available, featuring contemporary, traditional, and transitional styles.

Check out our range and contact our rug experts if you need further guidance. We can’t wait to match you with your perfect rug!

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