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How to Mix Oriental and Contemporary Rugs

How to Mix Oriental and Contemporary Rugs

How to Mix Oriental and Contemporary Rugs

Oriental and Contemporary rugs have very distinct looks, but that doesn’t mean they can’t combine. In fact, bringing these different rugs together can be very visually-impactful, adding color and intrigue to your living space.

Read on for Rug Source’s expert tips on how to effectively mix and match rug styles.

What Defines An Oriental Rug?

As you can probably guess, Oriental rugs received their name due to their region of origin.

You may be familiar with the ornate appearance of Oriental rugs: they often feature floral patterns, medallions, and geometric designs. However, what really makes an Oriental rug special is the way that it is made.

Authentic Oriental rugs are particularly long lasting because they are woven by hand using ancient methods. This is why these rugs are often expensive! They take a long time and a lot of skill to create.

Make sure your Oriental rug is real by checking the back. The many knots that make its design should be visible, and Oriental rugs usually have fringe borders too.

What Defines A Contemporary Rug?

Contemporary rugs are simply modern rugs, and they have the potential to feature all kinds of designs. Some favor vibrant colors, graphic shapes, and bold lines. Others are soft and subtle.

The variety that contemporary rugs offer makes them ideal for complementing other styles. You could put more than one contemporary rug together, or you could match your modern rug to a more traditional Oriental piece.

Tips for Mixing and Matching 

  • Check for size and placement

    First, you should decide where you want to place your rugs. You might choose to have one in the center of your living room and another under your dining table, for example. Measure up your space so you know the size of rugs that you’re looking for. You can even place thin rugs on top of one another!
  • Decide whether to blend or clash

    If you choose all your rugs in neutral, earthy colors, they will blend to create a classy effect. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to go bold, either. People who prefer maximalist interiors should feel free to create drama and contrast through clashing color schemes. It’s all a matter of personal taste.
  • Look for common colors or shapes to create cohesion

Although oriental and contemporary rugs look very different at first glance, you can find commonalities when you’re looking to combine. When buying multiple rugs, you might look for the same color in each. Alternatively, you could buy rugs across styles that feature the same shape, like a diamond.

Shopping for Rugs at Rug Source

If you’ve decided to embrace the trend and combine rugs in your home, make sure you buy your rugs from a reputable vendor. This is the only way to ensure you enjoy a quality product that lasts and continues to look good.

We recommend you check out Rug Source’s collection. In our online store, we feature an extensive range of rugs representing all styles and budgets. You’re bound to find the perfect rug for you amidst our plentiful options.

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