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The place Yalameh lies slightly north of Isfahan in central Iran. Yalameh rugs are popularly known for its high quality, diamond geometric designs tribal rugs. The pile used in this rug is very fine as compae to other tribal rugs which are using soft and cotton based wool.

Yalameh rugs usually have curvilinear patterns. This is among the highest quality Persian rugs made in Eastern Iran. Such rug comes in different shapes and sizes but the majority of them are of mid size. But you can also find some of the large rugs with 10X18 feet.  You can find them in various colours including red, ivory contrasting colour, soft green or even in brown also. The rugs are weaving with soft woolen, tight and thin pile.

Yalameh Rugs style

These rugs are perfect compliment for the modern or minimalist furniture and giving your living space a warm and luxurious style.

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Rug Style


Yahyali rugs are made in the locality of Kayseri which are very fine in quality and considered as attractive collections of rugs. These rugs are very popular for the traditional flawless workmanship of the Yahyali weavers. The main target of the contemporary Yahyali is the hexagon style which is very similar to Yoruk rugs but they are more linear in execution. Such hexagon may be single, double or even triple too. These are the common characteristics for most of the Yahyali rugs.


A main border mainly present in such style of rugs. Te beautifully designed, warm colour and high quality make these rugs as one of the most popular rugs of Anatolia. The numbers of knots of Yahyali rugs are near about 140,000 knots per square meter.

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Rug Style


Viss is a small town near the city of Hamedan with the mix population of Kurds, Turkish and nomadic people of Bakhtiari. The majority of Viss rugs have geometric design that is the indication of tribal rug.

Viss (Wiss) rugs are made in Iran and also have nomadic patterns as like other Hamedan rugs. Viss rugs are of high quality and have excellent durability. They are maintaining their bloom for long time. You can find dark red, light blue, khaki colours which are the major one in Viss rugs. Wefts in cotton or wool, these rugs are using soft woolen, thick and tight pile with flat woven knots. These rugs are coming in different sizes but the majority of them are in mid size of 4×6 to 8×10 feet.

Viss Rugs

Such rugs are very firm and closely knotted. These are of high quality and mostly used flat woven knots to maintain the quality.

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Varamin rugs are woven in the city of Varamin and one of the famous rugs in the world. Varamin is one of the largest village of Iran which is located just 25 miles south-east of Tehran. This is one of the important centres of tribal weaving. Varamin has maintain its traditional style from the beginning where as at the same time other carpet weaving centres has already change the design to suit with the foreign market. Rugs experts mainly see this rug as the purer Persian rugs.

Such rugs are woven with cotton soft woolen pile and closely lying. Mainly mina khani daisies interlinked with diamond or circular pattern are used in Varamin rugs. Mina Khani is the most common design in such rugs. This rug is considered being among the elite of Persian rugs.

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Tabriz rug is a type of general category of Iranian carpets from the city of Tabriz, which is located in the north-west and has been at the centre of the rug making world of hundreds or even thousands of years. Due to the particular size in this industry the design and quality varies in Tabriz. Thus, Tabriz rugs can be found in limitless designs from medallion to figural, Mahi, Herati, pictorial and also in 3-d shaped too. Different types of rugs also made here including flat weave or pile, simple as well as complex composition.