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How to Repair Edges of Kilim Rug

When you’ve invested in a high quality Kilim rug, you understandably want to maintain it in excellent condition. Read on to learn how you can repair yours if you’ve noticed a problem.

Repair Edges

What is a Kilim rug?

A Kilim rug is often referred to as a “flatweave.” This refers to the technique used to make it, which relies on weaving as opposed to knotting, but it also reflects the rug’s appearance: it is a smooth and relatively slimline.

Kilim rugs have a Turkish heritage. They are made by interweaving wefts and warps, and they often feature bold, sharp designs unlike the detailed floral patterns many associate with a traditional Oriental rug.

The Kilim technique isn’t just used to create rugs. You can also find Kilim wall-hangings and sofa coverings, for example. They’re usually made entirely from wool although cotton features in the warps.

The reason that Kilim rugs are expensive is the intricate technique used to create them. Antique Kilim rugs are incredibly valuable, and those produced using silk are even more so. Faulty or damaged Kilims must be treated with care.

What are some common problems in a Kilim rug?

One of the problems you may experience with your Kilim rug is a fraying edge. Fringes are often the first site of deterioration on a rug because they’re an especially fragile part.

Another issue may be that a spot on your rug has become worn away over time. In more serious cases, moths could even have partially eaten it.

Accidents happen, and you may have accidentally stained your Kilim rug. In that case, a professional cleaning service performed as soon as possible could be your only hope.

Repair Edges

Which Kilim rug problems require professional repair?

It’s generally inadvisable to attempt a Kilim rug repair at home. Although some fixes, such as repairing frayed edges, may be relatively easy for a professional to fix, it’s possible that someone inexperienced could make the problem worse.

Thankfully, professional rug repair and restoration services exist for this reason!

Rug cleaning services can also be very helpful in preventing rug damage: regular cleaning helps to prevent moths from settling in it, and stain resistant products can be applied afterwards so you’ll have more time in future to remove a spillage before it stains.

Shopping for a replacement Kilim rug

Sadly, it may be the case that your Kilim rug has been damaged beyond repair. In that case, it’s time to cut your losses and shop for a new one.

Make sure that your rug is authentic and of the highest quality by buying it from a reputable rug trader staffed by experts.

Here at Rug Source, we sell a diverse collection of Kilim rugs at different price points. Look through our range and contact us if you have any questions regarding their upkeep.

Click here to peruse the Rug Source kilim collection. We’re sure you’ll find a beautiful replacement for your damaged rug that, with the right care and maintenance, will last a very long time.

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