10 Factors To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Turkish Rugs

Rug Source’s Turkish rug selection is one of the best you can find anywhere online, so here are some considerations to keep in mind while you’re shopping!

turkish rugs are beautiful works of art from Rug Source!

Buying a Turkish rug can be an incredible investment that ends up paying off over many years of enjoyment and can even considerably accrue in value, but it’s important for buyers to be as informed as possible when it comes to making these types of home improvement purchases.

In this article we’re going to provide a guide to help our clients better understand what they should be looking for while they’re shopping throughout our Turkish rug inventory, and by going through this list of factors you’ll undoubtedly have a much more thorough understanding as to what drives the popularity of these beautiful rugs.

As always feel free to reach out to us online to ask one of our experts any questions you may have after reading this article, and here are the 10 factors to keep in mind while shopping for Turkish rugs!

1. Price

Price is always a major concern for all rug shoppers, and it’s important to be at least a little bit flexible when it comes to your overall budget. This is mainly because there can be many more options within a wider price range, and sometimes you can pay a little more for a Turkish rug up front knowing that it will gain value much faster than other options.

2. Size

Size is always a huge factor to keep in mind for any type of rug shopping, and you should have close to an exact measurement in terms of your desired space that you’d like to place your new Turkish rug.

It always is helpful to be able to quickly narrow down your best options based upon size, and if you have any pictures or exact parameters of your room we can also help you in terms of slightly adjusting the aesthetics of your room based upon certain rug sizes!

3. Material

Turkish rugs are typically made from very high-quality materials, including wool, silk, cotton or a combination of all three. Silk tends to be the most expensive rug material, and wool-cotton combinations are usually the more affordable option.

It’s also important to keep in mind the overall quality of the materials found within your Turkish rug, because handmade Turkish rugs are always more expensive than machine-spun options. You’ll be able to feel the difference with handmade rugs, and this will have a direct impact on price and overall investment potential.

4. Type

There are many different types of Turkish rugs that buyers should be aware of, and some of the most common include Hali, Kilim, Cicim and Sumak.

The Hali are considered to be some of the most common Turkish rugs, and they come in many different sizes and piles. They typically do have thicker piles than some of the other types of Turkish rugs, and this is mainly because of a double knot weaving technique.

The Kilim is a flat-woven rug, the Cicim is a flat-woven rug that includes extra wrapping and the Sumak is a flat-woven rug with embroidery and extra wrapping. These rugs are commonly utilized as wall hangings.

5. Color

Color is always something that will be personable in terms of your preferred aesthetics and existing furniture display. But when it comes to Turkish rugs, the color of the rug can be indicative of the type of dye. Natural dyes are typically considered to be much higher in value, and they can also hold colors much better than chemical dyes.

Natural dyes may come at a higher price, but they’ll lead to more longevity and investment potential.

6. Styles/Motif

It’s important for rug shoppers to understand how each color and design within a Turkish rug has its own purpose and meaning, and many times a Turkish rug will tell a story.

Most industry experts can look quickly at a Turkish rug and know exactly what region it comes from and the story its creator is conveying. It’s important to take the time and ask our experts about the stories that certain shapes and designs indicate within these beautiful masterpieces.

7. Age

Age is also a very important factor for Turkish rug shoppers to keep in mind, and this is because the older a rug is the more value it will have. This is mainly because older rugs were handmade within villages by artisans, as opposed to more modern versions made in factories.

Although newer Turkish rugs will still have great quality, it will be clear in terms of the differences between these two origins. You will ultimately want to purchase the Turkish rug that you like best, but a lot of shoppers enjoy learning about the backstory of how a rug was created.

8. Handmade?

This is a major distinction within the prices of Turkish rugs, and the truth is that very few rugs are still created in the traditional ways within mountain villages.

These days rugs are made within smaller workshops that employ mountain villagers to create works of art on a regular basis, but it will be a good question to ask in terms of whether the rug was made in a workshop or a village.

9. Region

It’s somewhat ironic that many Turkish rugs don’t actually come from Turkey, and many will come from Afghanistan, Iran, Anatolia, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Turkmenistan.

All of these regions provide their own styles and material feel, so you should understand these differences and know exactly where your Turkish rug actually came from.  

10. Work of History, Culture and Art

The last but certainly not least factor to keep in mind while shopping for Turkish rugs is the general recognition that you’re buying so much more than a rug. You’re purchasing a piece of history, culture and a story.

All of our experts understand how important this type of cultural significance is to our clients looking to invest in a Turkish rug, and it definitely goes a long way to be able to decipher how certain meanings and symbolism can grow in value more than others.

But in the end you’re going to have an incredible piece of art within your home that will bring an endless supply of enjoyment for you and your guests!

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