Persian Rugs

Authentic Persian Rugs

An authentic Persian rug is a beautiful treasure to own. These gorgeous rugs can be found in homes and offices all over the world. These rugs have been hand knotted which adds even more value to these works of art. 

How to spot an Authentic Persian rug

There are so many machine-made rugs and Persian look-alike rugs available in the world today, and if you have not done your research you will find it difficult to tell if the rug you are looking at is an authentic Persian rug or a Persian look-alike rug. The following steps will help you identify an authentic Persian rug:

Check to see how the rug is made

Look at the backside of the rug. The fringe should be attached to the rug, not sewn on. Some authentic rugs can have a fake fringe, but that is rare. Most will have the foundation threads still visible on the back.

You should also be able to see the individual knots in an authentic Persian rug. These knots can vary in size depending on the origin of the rug.

Check the Design

The design on the back of an authentic Persian rug should closely resemble the design on the front. In a machine-made rug, the design will be cloudy and may also feel like it has a hard plastic backing.

Check the Material

Authentic Persian rugs are woven with natural materials like cotton and wool. Most machine made rugs are usually made with nylon or polyester.

Check the Color

Authentic Persian rug weavers make their own dye. They use various plants and animal materials that are found in nature. These colors will not bleed into each other. One way to test this is to place a damp cloth on the corner of the rug and leave it for a couple of hours. If the dye has transferred to the cloth, then the rug is machine made, not an authentic Persian rug. Weavers usually have years of experience and have mastered the art of creating colorful dyes that make an authentic Persian rug the beauty that it is. 

Identify the rugs origin

To be considered an authentic Persian rug, it must be made in the country of Iran. Machine made rugs are usually manufactured in the United States and other European countries. Even though these rugs may be beautiful, they are not true Persian rugs.

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