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4 Reasons Why Vacuuming Your Large Area Rugs Simply Isn’t Enough

All large area rugs are valuable investments, so ensuring their longevity includes going above and beyond simply vacuuming.

large area rugs need to be cleaned regularly

Just about everyone has a thorough understanding as to why it’s always recommended to vacuum your large area rugs and carpets at least once each week, and sometimes even a few times per week in pet areas or portions of your home that are prone to excessive foot traffic.

Vacuuming always does a great job at providing a general sense of cleanliness throughout a home, but are you aware of the fact that vacuuming simply isn’t enough when it comes to maintaining the overall, thorough cleanliness of your area rugs? Vacuuming is definitely a vital step to any homeowner’s cleaning regimen, but the major point of this article is that it should never be your only cleaning step.

The only way to actively get deep into the fibers of your area rugs and carpets is to undergo a professional deep clean procedure, which will always do a great job at removing everything that vacuums tend to leave behind. The big issue with professional rug and carpet cleaning is that it can tend to be rather expensive, which is why the experts at Rug Source are happy to provide resources towards affordable deep cleaning and this list of 4 crucial reasons why vacuuming your area rugs simply will never be quite enough for a full clean.

So here are the 4 reasons why vacuuming your large area rugs simply isn’t enough:

1. Vacuuming will only do a good job at removing debris found on your rug’s surface

Even the most illustrious and powerful vacuums will inevitably leave behind debris deep underneath your rug’s surface, and this can include things like allergens, dead skin cells, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, bacteria, etc.

It’s true that only very powerful suction and extraction processes can get to the debris that you can’t necessarily see, and this is because certain cleaning solutions need to be injected into the rug in order to penetrate the deep foundations of the fibers and extract any subsequent filth.

Going the extra mile in terms of cleaning your rugs will not only provide a much cleaner looking area rug, but it’ll also do wonders in terms of improving the overall air quality within your home!

2. Vacuuming can’t remove pesky stains and spots

Spills and all types of accidents happen all the time within a home’s area rugs, especially when your large area rugs are in your family or living rooms. Vacuuming can do a good job at removing the larger debris found within a specific, affected area, but it can’t do much in terms of treating discoloration.

Deep cleans will always be required when it comes to adequately removing spots and stains, which is why you’ll need expert advice from the Rug Source team in terms of efficiently lifting stains from your area rugs!

3. Vacuuming doesn’t do much in terms of preventing or removing smells

It’s pretty common for lingering pet odors to combine with pesky stains and spots on area rugs, and vacuuming will never truly do a good job when it comes to removing these types of troublesome smells.

If you’re undergoing pet smell issues, it’s crucial to undergo a deep rug or carpet clean in order to fully eliminate the odor once and for all!

4. Vacuuming doesn’t provide a like new feel like deep cleans do

Getting a deep area rug clean will ultimately provide a very refreshing restoration to your rug’s fibers, and there’s no doubt about it that a high-quality deep clean can leave your rugs and carpets appearing like new.

Vacuuming will never be able to truly provide this high level of results, so it’s limited when you’re attempting a deep clean or moving and need to properly clean for your home or apartment’s next owner!

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We will always recommend regular vacuuming to all of our rug shoppers and owners, but we also know how important it is to conduct thorough, deep cleans to maintain the overall longevity of these incredible investment opportunities.

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