Area Rugs

How to Design & Separate Your Home Spaces With an Area Rug

When compared to the past, many houses in today’s communities embrace the trend of an “open concept” wherein the interior space has little to no division. Such a setting is arranged in a way that one house area flows seamlessly into another. Aside from the fact that this open concept gives a cozier and spacious-looking environment, most houses today incorporate this trend because they are relatively small compared to before. In recent years, architects and interior designers alike aim to make homes liveable despite its limited area.

With this new trend, many homeowners struggle to distinguish between two spaces. However, using an area rug can help solve that problem effectively.

How to design area rugs in specific house areas

Carpets come in handy when designing and defining areas in your home. For example, an area rug establishes between a living and a dining area. Aside from that, they also work well on smaller spaces to replace bulky and out-of-style room dividers and screens.

Here are several advantages of using area rugs:

  • It defines home spaces
  • It defines the style of home
  • It makes the space warmer and cozier
  • It serves as an affordable accent décor

Now that you know how area rugs help improve your interiors, we will share with you how to choose a good design based on several parts of the home:

1. In the patio

Always put the carpet on high-traffic areas to protect your flooring from unwanted damages. Since the patio is outdoors, get a heavy-duty rug that can withstand changing weather and harmful outdoor elements. Also, make sure that you’re getting one that is easy to maintain and clean.

2. In the foyer

A foyer is a high-traffic area as well, so make sure that your choice of carpet is durable. If your entryway doesn’t have a formal foyer, putting a rug can give one the illusion. Since this is what your guests will first see as they enter your house, get an option that has a contrasting color to the flooring so that it can stand out!

3. In the living area

In an open concept home, it isn’t easy to define a living area. To attract people to the space, get a cozy or patterned rug, depending on the style of your house. An area rug can help direct the eyes of the guests to the living area, not to mention that it makes the space cozier and warmer.

4. In the dining area

If no division or light fixture defines your dining room, place an area rug underneath it. This area of the house also has high traffic and the scratching of the chairs to the carpet can cause damage, so make sure to get a durable material. Keep in mind that the carpet in the dining room should also be big enough to cover the table and chairs.


When placing an area rug to a specific area in your house, make sure that its style and material is appropriate and can withstand the environment in that space. Also, check out social media sites, such as Pinterest, to help build the concept and style that you want for your home. 

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