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4 Simple & Effective Maintenance Tips for Area Rugs – What to Know

They may seem extremely simple at first, but area rugs have become one of the most essential supplies that any homeowner could use to improve the aesthetic of any room and unify all the design elements within it. When you choose to swap out your regular fixed carpeting set up for a custom area rug, you’ll be exposed to a great number of benefits. Yet, you’ll also have to undertake a few important tasks. 

From affixing them into the right place and matching surrounding design elements to keeping them clean, dealing with an area rug entails taking on various asks to make sure it works to any room’s advantage instead of against it. Out of all the different tasks that you’ll need to deal with, however, there’s one that most homeowners struggle with far more often than they should: maintenance

The importance of maintenance

When you own such a unique piece of textile, it goes without saying that it’s imperative to have knowledge of how you can keep it clean and well-maintained at all times. Given the amount of time that the average homeowner spends at work and the numerous other tasks of homeownership, however, area rug maintenance may not necessarily fit into their cleaning schedule.

Fortunately, keeping them spick and span and maintaining them to keep the best shape possible can easily be done with the following cleaning tips: 

1. Never forget to give a good shaking

The first practice of any effective area rug maintenance routine is the “shaking” routine that helps rid it of easy-to-remove dirt, debris, and particle with ease. By simply taking it outside and shaking it to remove any kind of debris that is not yet stuck to the rug, you’ll be able to get a huge chunk of loose dust and dirt out of the way immediately. 

2. Vacuum your area rugs regularly

Vacuuming regularly (every two to three weeks) will greatly help with maintaining the same sheen and luster that it had when you first bought it. In doing so, you can add years of life to your area rug and keep it in pristine condition every day of the year. 

3. Don’t miss out on deep cleaning

It may not necessarily have to be as often as other practices mentioned in this article, but deep cleaning is just as important for a complete maintenance practice. By simply opting to do it a minimum of once or twice per year, deep cleaning can effectively undo every bit of damage to your area rug caused by constant foot traffic. 

4. If a stain happens, deal with it right away

Another effective maintenance tip that can save you a significant amount on expenses and extend the lifespan of your area rug is the all-important practice of dealing with any kind of stain immediately. Taking the time to act fast to any stain on your area rug while it’s fresh can help in removing it from the surface as opposed to how much more difficult it will be if it isn’t cleaned properly! 


Taking the time to maintain your home’s area rug will help it look amazing every day of the year and extend its lifespan beyond a manufacturer’s expectations. By following the four maintenance tips mentioned above, you can help your home’s area rugs stay beautiful all-year-round and keep it looking great in the long run! 

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