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3 Easy Hacks to Fix Common Carpet Problems – Our Guide

Rugs and carpets add a versatile look to rooms. They come in a wide variety of colors, materials, designs, and patterns, making them easier to match your interiors and incorporate them into the theme of your home. 

Aside from improving your home’s aesthetic appeal, carpets also offer various benefits, such as increasing sound absorption, boosting indoor air quality, and adding comfort and warmth to your room. Because of these, many homeowners prefer them to other types of flooring.

If you want to bring new life into your carpets or rugs, here are some common problems and the practical ways to solve them:

Place an ice cube on furniture dents

When rearranging or changing your furniture, you may notice indentations left behind in your carpet. 

The good news is that carpet damage caused by furniture marks can be fixed easily. All you need to do is to place a single ice cube on the dent and allow it to melt. Once the ice has melted, brush the carpet fibers with your fingers. Finally, wait until your carpet is fully dry and finish by vacuuming the spot. Your carpet will be as good as new afterward!

Meanwhile, when moving your furniture, make sure never to drag it across your carpet to avoid causing ripples. Also, avoid using a scrub brush when cleaning as this will be too abrasive to your carpet.

Roll up your rugs to prevent hardwood flooring discoloration

Hardwood flooring is difficult to maintain. The color of the natural wood floor is prone to undergo a transformation caused by air pollutants, direct sunlight, traffic, and UV rays. This is why lots of homeowners place area rugs over their hardwood flooring to keep it in tip-top shape and protect it from light, air, and other elements.

Over time, your unprotected hardwood flooring may get uneven discoloration due to wear and sun exposure, while the area of flooring covered by your area rug remains to have its original wood color. 

You can maintain consistent coloring throughout your hardwood flooring by rolling up your rug and the pad underneath the carpet. Place them out of the way and expose your hardwood flooring to sunlight and air by leaving your blinds or curtains open.

Rotate your rug to prevent traffic lanes

You may usually walk along the same pathways in your houses due to habit or for your convenience. Therefore, you may find that some areas of your rug or carpet are subject to more traffic than others, which can lead to signs of wear sooner.

To maintain even wear across your carpet and minimize the appearance of having traffic patterns all over your rug, spin your carpet 180 degrees every six months.


Rugs and carpets are a standout addition and a charming accent piece to your home. To keep them clean and well-maintained, you need to identify their common problems and address them as soon as you spot them. Also, make sure to clean and inspect them regularly and check for spots that show signs of pulled fibers or breakdown to maintain their excellent quality and expand their lifespan.

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