Area Rugs

What Is An Area Rug?

Do you have wood or laminate flooring but you’d love to inject a little softness into your interiors? The solution may be an area rug. 

What Is An Area Rug?

What Is An Area Rug?

An area rug is a carpet that doesn’t cover the entire flooring of the room. It’s an alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting.

You can find area rugs in a whole range of shapes and sizes. You should choose based on the size of the room it will be used in and the effect you want to achieve.

Area rugs aren’t fixed to the floor like regular carpeting, so you can move your rug around whenever you want! You have the freedom to experiment and see where it looks best in your home.

Advantages of Area Rugs

  • Protects flooring
    Area rugs placed in strategic, high-traffic areas will stop wooden or laminate flooring from becoming scratched.
  • A noise-reducing effect

Installing an area rug will dampen the sound of pets or children, which is especially useful in an apartment with downstairs neighbors. Area rugs can prove useful in creating a tranquil home office environment.

  • Conducive to coziness
    An area rug helps a room retain heat, meaning you can avoid increased energy bills, and it has a welcoming visual impact too.
  • Aesthetic appeal
    If you want to freshen up the appearance of a room, try adding an eye-catching area rug. You can switch it up whenever you fancy a change; it’s far more flexible than wall-to-wall carpeting!

Using Area Rugs Effectively

What Is An Area Rug?

In a living room, choose rugs that extend under smaller pieces of furniture such as coffee tables. 

You might choose to place an area rug under your dining table. If so, make sure your chairs fit on it even when they’re pulled out.

If an area rug is too small, it will look silly. It’s worth investing in an area rug that’s proportionate to the room it will be placed in.

Place area rugs in high-traffic areas. Make sure that these areas are fully covered by the rug as it’s awkward to walk with one foot on and one foot off!

An area rug that covers the side of the bed is a great idea! If you step off the bed into soft, cozy carpet, then your day will definitely get off on the right foot.

Try to make sure that the floor space to either side of your area rug is more or less equal. If you have a smaller space, try to leave at least 8 inches all around it.

Take advantage of area rugs to add color and playful patterns to your room! This is an affordable way to really change the atmosphere of your living environment. 

Make sure you know how to maintain your area rug by checking the instructions and following them carefully. This way, your area rug will last longer and look amazing!

Where to Find The Right Area Rug 

Rug Source is home to an incredible range of area rugs. No matter your taste or your living space, you’re bound to find a suitable option. 

Looking for something ornate and traditional? Check out our Turkish rugs, like this Floral Wool Heriz Serapi Turkish Rug 10×13 .

Prefer a more modern and minimalist style? No problem! We have plenty of contemporary area rugs in stock, for example, this Gabbeh Oriental Wool Rug.

You can shop by color scheme, size, and shape, so it’s incredibly easy to find the right area rug for you at Rug Source.

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