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5 Tips for Layering the Rugs in Your Home Like a Pro – What to Know

Rugs provide comfort and set the ambiance and tone of your living space. To add another element of design to your home and bring warmth, texture, and color in, you may want to consider trying the current home decorating trend among homeowners: rug layering.

There are several ways to nail the look of layered rugs. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Define a space

Rug layering is the perfect way to make the zones in your home distinguishable. The traditional rule for using an area rug is to provide 10-20 inches of bare floor between the edges of your rug and the walls. Your furniture should also be placed on top of the rug. If this look makes your room feel too big and spaced out, though, you can give your space some definition by placing a smaller rug in the center.

2. Highlight a spot or draw attention away from an area

Showcase a piece of furniture that needs special attention by layering a rug underneath it. These area rugs will help direct the eyes of your guests to that area. However, rug layering is also a great way to draw viewers’ attention away from an architectural element or furniture you want to mask.

3. Experiment with colors

Rug layering allows you to experiment with colors. You can put together a neutral base and a rug with a pop of color. If that isn’t your style, though, there’s nothing wrong with being daring and layering color on color with hues that complement one another and match your interiors.

4. Make a statement with bold patterns

Layering patterned rugs can be tricky. Whether you are playing with floral, geometric, or Persian patterns, make sure that these different designs are of the same color intensity and that they look great together. To give depth and character to your room without being too overwhelming, use rugs with tone-on-tone patterns.

5. Give depth to a dull room with textures

Aside from bold patterns and bright hues, textures are fun to play with because they add depth to your living space. To make this look effective, layer rugs with different textures on top of each other. Try combining a soft area rug on top of a flat weave, such as a cowhide rug with a sisal rug, or a sheepskin with a jute rug.


Layering rugs is one of the best ways to add definition, color, comfort, coziness, depth, texture, and warmth to your room. When done right, layered rugs can pull together your living space and create the look and feel you want to create in your home.

The key to layering rugs is to trust your eyes and gut. Whether you are interested in mixing and matching neutral, colorful, solid, or patterned rugs together, go with whatever you combine if you like the way it looks. In addition, when buying rugs, make sure to choose high-quality pieces that go well together. You can also seek assistance from reliable rug sellers to help you pick the best area rugs for your property.

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