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How to Stop Area Rugs from Sliding

Rugs that slide aren’t just annoying; they’re also potentially dangerous! Loose rugs can cause falls, especially if they’re in the homes of the elderly or people with limited mobility. 

However, that doesn’t mean you have to remove your beloved rugs. Thankfully, many solutions are available to stop your rugs from sliding on your hard surface floors.

Here, we list some of the options you can explore to keep your area rugs in place and avoid hazardous slips and slides.

Area Rugs

Rubber waffle rug pads

Found in home furnishing stores, these thin pads are usually sold pre-cut so they’re helpful if your rug is in a common size and shape. They’re easily installed but they don’t add much padding to the rug. If dirt builds up in their grid pattern, they use their gripping qualities. Make sure they won’t damage your floor surface: they can bond with hardwood floor sealant over time!

Rubberized shelf liner

You may use this to keep your glasses in place on your shelves, but it can also be used to keep your rug from slipping—just like a waffle rug pad! An advantage is that this is a cheaper option, but it’s also a thinner one, and you’ll have to attach multiple strips together to create a larger pad.

Natural rubber pads

These work especially well with flat-weave rugs as they don’t provide much cushioning. On the plus side, they don’t contain chemicals either, meaning that your floor finishing is safe.

Felt pads

You can buy these in a range of thicknesses, and if your rug is in a non-standard shape or size, they can be cut to order. Felt pads add substantial cushioning, so wear and tear to the fibers is reduced.

If you shop for top-of-the-line options, you’ll find pads that combine felt and a natural rubber backing. These have increased gripping qualities so they’re great for hardwood floors.

Area Rugs

Gripper tape

This can be bought in a roll that’s usually a few inches wide. It can be applied to the floor in an outline that suits the shape of your rug. For smaller rugs, gripper tape can be very effective. It can also be removed for easy cleaning or rug repositioning.

Double-sided carpet tape

Whether purchased in a roll or in pre-cut squares, carpet tape has an acrylic adhesive on both sides. If your rug is made from synthetic materials, this may be an appropriate choice. However, you should check that you buy the correct kind depending on the flooring your rug is placed on.

Hook and loop anchors

You’ll be more familiar with “hook and loop anchors” by its brand name: Velcro. With one part on the floor and the other on the rug, you can hold your rug in place by bonding the two.

Silicone caulking

Do you have fuzzy winter socks with gripper dots on the bottom? These are made of silicone, and the same technology is found in caulking that can be used to keep rugs in place.

When you’re choosing the right method to keep your area rug in place, consult the experts. Delicate handmade rugs could be damaged if you make the wrong decision. 

Here at Rug Source, we can provide expert guidance on every aspect of buying and maintaining a rug. Check out our extensive and impressive collection of area rugs.

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