Area Rugs

How to Choose the Right Area Rug

How to Choose the Right Area Rug

Choosing and buying an area rug due to its variety in the model, color, price, size, etc. is one of the challenges that families usually face. An ideal choice that is both popular and affordable depends on several factors. It should be known that no one but you can make the final decision to buy your rug. But in the meantime, we can offer you a variety of ideals depending on different conditions and tastes and introduce quality standards in various aspects. Therefore,this article will try to provide you with appropriate and relatively comprehensive information for selecting and evaluating any area rug. This article contains the following general chapters:

1. General Features of Rug Selection

2. Rug Selection Guide

3. Hand-made Rug Selection Guide

4. Rugsource is the Correct Choice

1. General Features of Area Rug Selection

Before choosing any area rug, you should consider the various issues and prepare the rug after summarizing the conditions. The following are some of the main factors that can influence the choice of area rug.

Area Rug Color Selection

Factors Affecting Area Rug Color Selection

Color is a universal language that stimulates emotions and shapes cultures. Color is one of life’s most significant necessities; a home that is steeped in the right colors is always relaxing. Each of the colors has the energy and power to embody a secret. The feeling and perception of color in the human spirit have undeniable effects. Most colors are either considered warm or cold. Red, orange, and yellow are the warm colors, and green, blue, and purple are the cool colors. However, the position and proportion of each color should be measured with regard to other colors that match it. This is one of the critical principles to determine the effect of each color; for example, green appears warm alongside yellow, but it is seen alongside cold blue. Therefore, color plays a crucial role in various works, including a rug.

However, the choice of rug color depends on weather conditions, lifestyle, economy, taste, location, rug usage, culture, and more. Europeans, for example, are lucky in light, even pale, and unlike Europeans, Arabs like lacquer.

Selecting the area rug according to the type of place and decoration

Choosing a beautiful area rug for decoration is very important. But you should not always consider the beauty when you buy a rug, and you should also consider things like the home decoration, rug color, rug placement, and rug size so you can make the best choice.

decoration with modern rug

Classic rug or modern rug?

Suitable rugs for classic decoration are classic rugs. If you have modern decoration, choose the modern rug or fancy rug. If your home decoration is of a modern type, we recommend using a simple and comfortable design.

To make space smaller

The use of rugs with large designs and different colors and designs, make the space smaller than it is.

Relationship between floor cover and space height

Applying a rug with a coarse texture or long lint makes this coating closer to the viewer’s eye. This effect also makes the floor-to-ceiling distance look even shorter.

Darker than walls

The color you want to buy for a rug should be a simple, harmonious, darker color than the walls, as it makes the space warm and intimate.

Floor lighter than walls:

Applying a light color to the floor will make the floor look shiny and lustrous. A simple, harmonious, and brighter color choice of walls helps complete this feeling.

If you want to see a bigger space

The choice of one-handed, light-colored, non-patterned, soft-textured coatings makes space look larger, and this effect is further enhanced by extending this coverage to other hallways and rooms without interruption.

If your home space looks too big and small

It is best to use rugs that are dark in color, creating a cozy, warm, and intimate atmosphere.

Round rugs act as space fillers

The round rug gives the lobby the most up and coming part of the house. Other rooms can also be used as a children’s playground.

Take care of the rug position

Hemp rugs or other sturdy fibers are suitable for open spaces, but rugs made of soft fibers should not be in a crowded and rough location.

If you have a child or care for pets, or if your family members are athletes, it is best to use schemes and roles that are crowded and dark and do not look dirty.

Choosing a rug for the kitchen

Keep in mind that it can always be easy to get dirty on the kitchen rug, because of the food, drinks, and other things in the kitchen. Rugs can penetrate and wash the dirty rugs too. So the best choice for rug kitchen is because the rug is well priced and has short lint, so it does not keep dirt in the rug and gets less moisture.

Choosing a rug for the living room

Choosing a rug for the living room

You need to choose a rug for the living room that is suitable for warming up your living room as well as your living room. Classic fine-textured rugs are a good choice for the living room because their lint is short and has a better shelf life on the floor and will be easier to clean.

Bedroom rugs

It is best to use cool colors for the bedroom rugs. Cold colors include pale blue and green. Bedrooms are generally divided into two main bedrooms, usually for a couple, and a baby.

To select and buy the right rug for the main bedroom, the rug must start from the front of the room, and the rug should continue at least fifty centimeters out of bed, which you can adjust depending on the size of the bed you have the right rug for. Choose the main sleep of your home.

It is best to use a small round rug to choose and buy a baby’s bedding rug and place the rug in such a way that the rug creates a central point in the room and the layout of items such as beds and wardrobes. The rug should have a childlike design, as well as the fibers of the rug so that it does not cause any skin allergies to the children, so as not to harm your child. Also, baby rugs should be crowded so that they do not get dirty early and do not require a lot of washing.

However, the girl’s baby room is different from the boy’s baby room. This distinction is not only about color. The model, layout, and even the type of layout can be effective in this regard. It can be said that colder colors are better for boys ‘rooms and warmer colors for girls’ rooms.

Bedroom rugs

Suitable Area Rug for the dining room

When choosing the right rug in the dining room, it is important to keep in mind that the table, as well as the chair, should be positioned on the rug in such a way that there is enough room to sit on the chair outside the table.

Coordination of rug selection with furniture

Coordination of rug selection with furniture

It is best to have a rug that is darker than the color of your home decoration and a sofa.

For small homes with cheerful color furniture, the best option would be to choose a light gray rug, such as light gray, which will make the surroundings look more open and larger, and the home decoration will be extraordinary.

For large homes with happy color furniture, it would also be a great choice for the color used in the sofas, or the complementary color used in the sofas would also be a great choice for rug color.

For green and yellow rugs with a neutral color is the best choice. Neutral colors include beige, oak, and cream.

How to extend Area rug life?

Like any other device, Rug also needs maintenance so that with some tips, you can extend the life of your area rug and keep it fresh for longer. Keep these in mind:

  • Do not let direct sunlight shine on the rug.
  • Do not place rugs near sources of heat and fire.
  • Roll it to move the rug and never fold it.
  • Do not place the rug in humid places because moisture will cause the rug to rot.
  • Do not place heavy items such as furniture and wardrobes on the rug. If you do, change the ruging from time to time.
  • Clean the rug with a vacuum cleaner once a week.
  • Widen the rug under the doors so that it is not in constant contact with it.
  • Wash rugs with reputable rug companies and avoid washing them at home.
  • If you have a rug on a ceramic or mosaic and this will move the rug, you can use special rug glues.
  • Cover the rug roots with colorless adhesive (carton glue), so that they always remain white and clean.
  • If any part of your rug is ruptured for any reason, immediately remove it to prevent further rupture.

2. Area Rug Selection Guide

Types of machine-made rugs are:

  • Classic and traditional products in the form of 500, 700, 1000, 1200, and 1500 reeds.
  • Modern and fancy products such as cape, shaggy, 3D,etc.
  • Types of rugs such as short-napped coarse carpet, Gabbeh rug, Jajim rug (coarse loosely-woven woolen cloth),etc.

Rug density

The first noteworthy consideration in buying a rug is its tissue density. By rug density, the number of knots woven in it. Each rug has two types of transverse and longitudinal densities.

Rugreed width or opacity is the reed of the rug; the rugreed is the amount of rug weaving that is generally calculated in terms of the number of knots per meter of width, and as the reed grows, the roles become finer. The longitudinal density or rug weights are referred to as the amount of weft yarn in a meter of rug length; the higher the rug longitudinal density, the tighter the rug.

Rug density

Detection of the density of rugs

You can check the density on the rug. This is possible by counting the number of nodes. The number of knots in a meter is the same as the rugreed, and the number of knots in length indicates the length of the rug.

However, since it is difficult to count the number of roots in one meter of the rug, you can count 10 cm from the rug behind it and count the number of nodes. By doubling this value, the transverse density is determined. You can also count the number of knots in a centimeter, which is 100 times the number obtained by reeding the reed.

You can repeat the same for the length of the rug to find out the longitudinal density of the rug. Calculating the longitudinal density is similar to the transverse density, except that we calculate it at half the rug and then multiply it by 2, which means when the rug is said to have a longitudinal density of 3600, it means that it must be within one meter of Its length is 1800 nodes. For example, there should be 180 nodes in 10 cm of a 3600 longitudinal rug, and 18 nodes in 1 cm.

It is important to note that the higher the rug density, the higher the value and the higher the price. The highest rugreed today is 1500. So if you’ve heard somewhere that a rug is 1550, or 1600 reeds or more, be sure it’s not true and not true.

The most common longitudinal and transverse compressions of machine-made rugs

500 Reed Rugs 1000 Density, 700 Reed Rugs 2550 Density, 1000 Reed Rugs 3000 Density, 1200 Reed Rugs 3600 Density, 1500 Reed Rugs 4500 Density

The higher the rugreed, the better the rug?

A good rug for you depends on a set of factors. Being more expensive rug means it’s good for you, it’s not true at all.

Note that as the rugreed grows, the elegance and beauty of it increase, but it also decreases in thickness and roughness, meaning you should know 1500 rug rugs, much less than 1000 rug rugs and Or they have 700 reeds, because the thickness of the cotton used for machine-made rugs decreases with increasing density. This enhances the delicacy and elegance of the product. That’s why the product will be so much nicer. But reducing rug thickness also reduces rug strength. For this reason, we recommend using high-density products in specific areas and taking care of them more. So using high-density rugs for crowded and crowded places is not a good thing.

Influence of density on the price of a rug

Since the density changes to different yarns, so the price changes too; high-density rugs are more expensive because of their specific characteristics. The delicacy of the high-density rug makes them resemble the hand-made type. For this reason, the products of 1200 and 1500 reeds are known as hand-made varieties. This is also due to the texture method used.

Design and Replacement Rugs

Design and Replacement Rugs

Be careful, some machine-made rugs are a 5-reedrug, and unlike their name, they don’t fit into the 5-reedrug and are a 5-reedrug that is just the design and blueprint of the new and best-selling 5-reedrug. Therefore, their price should be considered the same as 5-rug rugs.

Be aware that some rugs are also convertible. Convertible rugs are rugs that are woven by devices that are made for lower rug texture, but which are made by the changes in the machine, producing higher rugreed density. For example, the texture of the machine is 700 reeds, and with changes in the shuttle and reed, it changes to 1000 rugs. These types of machine-made rugs, replaceable rugs, have a much lower quality of texture and are sometimes found in highly reputable stores and sold as genuine 5-reedrugs.

The material of fibers used in the rug

The most popular and popular rug in the market is a rug made of heated acrylic yarn. In this type of rug, fibers that are very similar to wool are used, and therefore this type of rug has a special softness. The acrylic rug is also durable and durable.

There are also other materials available in the rug market. Like rugs made of acrylic and polypropylene blend or 100 percent polypropylene, these rugs are less durable and less resistant to water and sun. Since the price of natural wool is high, the ratio of using natural wool in rug production is very low.

The number of colors on the rug

  • The number of colors commonly used in rugs is:
  • Seven hundredreed rugs in 8, 10, and 12 colors.
  • Type 1000 reeds in 8 and 10 colors.
  • 1200 reed type in 8 colors.
  • Type 1500 reeds in 8 colors.
  •  As the number of colors increases, the design will be more beautiful. However, 14-color rugs have recently been released.

3. Hand-made area rug selection guide

Hand-made rug selection guide

Hand-made area rugs are very old in Iran, and the oldest ones in the world are related to our country. According to the documents available today, the hand-made area rugs can be traced back to 345 to 430 BC. The hand-made was discovered by an archaeologist who was woven with wool yarn, with the design of legendary animals, deer, eagle head, lion’s body, and its drawings were similar to Persepolis. After investigating, the researchers found that the rug, which they named Pazirik, belonged to Iran. Pazirik rug is the oldest rug in the world attributed to the Achaemenid period and the breed of Parthians and Medes.

A hand-made area rug is one of the most valuable and ancient handicrafts in Iran. Today, many of the world’s best rugs are woven in many cities across the country. Qom, Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Kashan, Nain, Khorasan, Gorgan, Zanjan, and others are among the best manufacturers of hand-made rugs. Here are some hand-made rugs from some of the major cities in Iran:

Tabriz hand-made area rug

The city of Tabriz designs and produces the most beautiful hand-made rugs. Tabriz is known as the World City of Rug Weaving. The city’s hand-made designs have a variety of beautiful colors, including the following:

Islamic Design: In this design, there are beautiful flowers with rotating branches with many leaves.

Tree Design: These designs are very similar to nature and have a lot of foliage.

Hunting Plan: There are horse-drawn predators along with animals such as deer or deer, etc. for hunting.

Vase Design: There are lots of different sizes in this design. Some designs cover large pots of rugs, and some contain small pots.

Qom hand-made area rug

There is a great variety of colors and designs in Qom rugs, and there is a great deal of order. The rugs and knots of these rugs are neatly arranged, and there are no defects in them, which is why hand-made rugs in Qom are very popular. These rugs are woven with light backgrounds where the colors are ivory, yellow, and white. In most designs, there is a small cedar, or in some designs, a flower-filled vase, with beautiful birds flying over it. Conventional designs in Qom include hunting grounds, Shah Abbasi designs, and the altar design.

Kashan hand-made area rug

The variety of Kashan rug designs is similar to that of Isfahan. The length and width of Kashan hand-made are the sizes of a prostrate or larger one, but in some Kashan villages,rugs of less than one square meter are also woven. These area rugs are very elegant, and because of their high elegance, the details of the layout and design are well known. In Kashan, the texture of the Islamic design is very common.

Nain hand-made area rug

Nain Rug is one of the most famous rugs in the world market. These rugs are very soft and delicate, with fluff and wool fibers used. Famous designs on these rugs can be named bergamot and latchak design. Nain rug is very used for decoration because it has short and delicate lint.

Turkmen hand-made area rug

Turkmen area rugs are woven with wool and wool. These rugs are woven by women on horizontal shelves and in nomadic tents, which are small in size and coarse. The designs of Turkmen rugs are original, and more than Several iterations are designed. Common Turkmen designs can be called floral or geometric designs.

Kerman hand-made area rug

Kerman is a low-water city and does not have suitable land for agriculture, so the original people of this city have turned to rug weaving. Rug weaving in Kerman dates back to the Safavid era and has long been one of the important rug weaving centers in Iran. Designers of Kerman area rugs use flowers, leaves, and plants in their designs. If we want to talk about the rug color of this city, we have to say that the Kerman rug is one of the happiest and most varied rugs in Iran.

Tehran hand-made area rug

In Tehran, area rugs are designed and woven in different parts of Iran. Tehran rugs have light-colored backgrounds. Tehrani rugs use a very subtle blue for the lacquers and black for the peripherals of the roles and use dark blue, purple, ivory, old green, beige red, pea green, mustard yellow, and other colors. Different parts of the map are used for greater beauty.

Which design to buy in hand-made area rugs to choose from?

  • If you want an artisanal area rug to decorate the floor of your home like a flower garden in May, you can buy a rug and bergamot or a “hunting ground” in Tabriz, Qom, and Isfahan.
  • If you are looking for area rugs with rural and tribal motifs, you can buy the designs of “human and animal,” “flower and bird,” “tree,” “tree and human” and “camel’s foot” in Fars, North Khorasan, Kurdistan and Golestan provinces. Some of these designs are also cheap because of the large size.
  • If you want to decorate your home with simple rugs and create a relaxing atmosphere at home, go to Kerman and Ardakan Desert Rugs. The background of these rugs is the desert nature of camel, gray, and cream colors. Plain “rug” designs of rug and bergamot around it are devoid of any role.
  • If you are looking for modern designs that come with your sports sofa, buy one of the “adobe,” “fridge,” “Minakhani,” “Betta jig” geometric designs in Isfahan, Kashan or Arak.
  • If you are looking for cheap hand-made area rugs, you can buy small fish, altar, and lacquer designs of bergamot in Hamadan, Kashan, and Zanjan provinces.
Which design to buy in hand-made rugs to choose from?

How to determine the quality of the hand-made area rug?

Luminosity and beauty: Hand-made area rugs have superior artistic value and features than machine-made rugs.

Size difference: One of the characteristics of hand-made area rugs is that there is a difference in the size of the upper and lower parts of a few centimeters. This is not a disadvantage, but it may appear in small rugs. If you want to make sure the rug is symmetrical, fold the hand-made rug from the middle to find the difference between the top and the bottom of the rug.

Color Symmetry: The characteristics of a hand-made area rug are its color symmetry. When purchasing hand-made rugs in natural light, check its color and pay attention to the symmetry of the color in the symmetrical parts. You should know that the color of the hand-made rug is darker in the direction of sleep.

Flexible rug: One of the characteristics of a hand-made rug is the flexibility of the rug. If the rug rugs are rough, the rug will be harder to clean.

Increasing financial and artistic value by walking: One of the features of a hand-made rug is that the rug grows more and more, and the greater its financial and artistic value, because it carries more foot, light, and beauty. And eye-catching will not be lost, especially if the rug is painted with natural dyes.

Applying natural fibers to it: One of the different features of hand-made rugs is that the rug is made of natural materials used in cold summer and warm winter, but the rug is made of plastic because of its material. This is not a feature.

Do not paint a hand-made rug: To buy a high-quality hand-made rug, paint a piece of napkin on the rug before buying. If the hand-made rug is colored, it will give the rug color.

High Shelf-Life: The shelf-life of hand-made rugs is longer than any other flooring and is highly capable of cleaning and cleaning.

Mental Relaxation: One of the features of a hand-made rug is that you will find and enjoy it by seeing its various designs and colors. To buy a hand-made rug, choose a rug that you can enjoy by looking at the layout and color scheme.

Non-static electricity: The advantage of hand-made rugs over other flooring is that static electricity is not produced from the rug because of the use of wool, silk, and cotton as raw materials, which is one of the best features. Hand rugs are weaving.

Types of hand-made rugs by fiber type:

Whole wool: A rug that is woven, woven, and lint-free. These types of rugs are coarse-textured due to the genus of villi. All wool rugs have these advantages: They are durable and durable; the elbows are reversible after they are broken; they have high moisture absorption etc.

Wool: When wool or rug is made of wool, its wool is not wool.

Whole Silk: A rug that is woven and woven of silk. This type of rug is usually very fine and has great artistic value. Unlike its soft and delicate appearance, such a rug is highly resistant to stains, meaning that if you pour water, tea, drinks, or any other liquid on it, wash it with a damp cloth and a little shampoo.

Silk floor: The rug is made of wool, but the whole area is made of silk.

Silk Flower: This is a rug of wool, but the flowers and the leaves on the map are woven from the silk thread and the rest of the wool from the wool.

Types of hand-made rugs by knot type

Types of hand-made rugs by knot type

Turkish knot: Turkish knot, which was originally for Tabrizi weavers and is still common in other areas today. In this method, both ends of the lint are crossed and tied. This method takes a long time and is suitable for fine rugs and delicate designs, with a variety of colors and thin lines.

Persian knot: Coarse wool rugs, which are often heavy and have large roles, are Persian knit. In Persian, only one side of the node is tied, and the other side is free. In this method, the heavy reeds are pressed firmly on the villi, until the wool villi collapse. Fabrics for weaving Persian wool rugs cannot weave subtle and miniature designs because of the thick woolen lint.

If you like to Know more about different types of Area Rugs and knots click this link.

The number of knots in a hand-made rug

Hand-made rugs are woven on the rug; therefore, the type and number of knots is an important point to keep in mind when buying a hand-made rug. The fineness (thickness or fineness), quality, and price of a rug depending on the density of the nodes and the type of nodes. For example, a high-quality rug has at least 2 knots per square inch. The higher the density of the knots, the smaller the rug is, and the higher the price. To check the status of the nodes, you need to turn the rug back and look at it. In hand-made rugs, the knots are not the same, and some may be larger because the knots are hand-woven. However, in machine-made and hand-made rugs, the knots are perfectly uniform. Hand-made rugs are the result of thousands of knots hand-knit together.

Colors used in a hand-made rug

Colors used in a hand-made area rug

In the texture of an area rug, different colors are used in different areas. For example, in Isfahan rug, up to 30 colors are used, or up to 16 colors in Nain rug. It can also be used in Tabriz rug up to 80 colors. However, some rugs are sometimes used in 800 colors. A variety of colors is one of the factors affecting the beauty of hand-made rugs.

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