6 Things to Know When Picking Area Rugs

Area rugs are the perfect statement pieces to set down in a room that would otherwise need wall-to-wall carpeting. Investing in a complete carpeting solution can be expensive and will also hold you back from changing up the room frequently. On the other hand, area rugs allow you greater variety, and you can even switch them up according to season. 

Keep in mind these are accent rugs and don’t cover a room fully. As with any medium-sized rug, they are used to bring out the best in your furniture by providing a pleasing backdrop. Read on to find out six essential tips about choosing your next area rug. 

Size Matters 

Many people erroneously buy area rugs that are either too small or too big for their space. They often pick too-small rugs that look awkward and random in the room in which they are placed. While smaller rugs are easier on the pocket, you will find yourself inconvenienced later when you have to change it because it doesn’t match the room. Make sure you buy a medium to large rug that can cover a large portion of the floor and matches the furniture placed on it. 

Furniture on Top, not on the Side 

Area rugs stand out when placed under all the furniture in the room or a dedicated corner. If this isn’t possible, ensure that pieces of furniture with bigger legs are placed on the rug. The rest can still be scattered around to look aesthetic. If you’re going to place a rug in the dining room, it should be placed right under the dining table and all the chairs. Keep in mind that your 

chairs should still be on the rug when they are pulled out to sit on. 

Keep Maintenance in Mind 

When you’re buying an area rug, you should be aware of the material. For example, if you buy rugs made of inexpensive fibers such as jute and sisal, you will save money but will be stuck if something is spilled on them. These rugs are impossible to clean, and you will have to replaceĀ 

them as soon as they get soiled. You can spend a little extra and invest in a wool or cotton woven rug that will be easier to clean and maintain regularly. 

Take Note of Traffic 

Your area rug should be large enough to allow anyone in the room to place both feet on it while walking. Your family or guests will feel strange if one of their feet is on the rug and one-off. What’s more, it’ll lead to your rug and floor being worn out at different paces. This inconsistency will start showing through and look strange. Your rug should cover the floor enough so that it can be comfortably walked on. 

Pick Interesting Patterns

This tip can be customized according to your individual needs. Many people prefer buying area rugs in solid colors to add a different shade to the room. This works when your room is painted in either just light or just dark colors. For example, if you have a bedroom with light blue walls, you can place a white, dark blue, or even aqua-colored rug to add a bold aesthetic. 

On the other hand, if the room has plain white walls or some other pastel color, you can choose a rug with an intricate pattern. There are plenty of Ottoman rugs that feature dull gold and orange backgrounds with hints of blue and red on top. These will make your white room stand out and will diminish a boring aesthetic. 

Think Equal Space 

No one enjoys seeing a rug placed at random distances from the walls. Make sure you measure the room you need a rug for before purchasing it. A good rule of thumb is to ensure you have 10 to 26 inches on all sides of the rug in question. Your goal should be to have a rug placed smack in the center of the room, so everything looks equal and aesthetic. 

The Bottomline 

Trust your gut when it comes to buying the perfect area rug. Try not to get bogged down in too much research or other variables. You know what will look best in your room, so go and get it! If you want to find the perfect area rug unique to you, check out the wide selection at Rug Source.